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A well-designed, integrated audio and home cinema system is the ultimate in entertainment. TVAV installations ensures a seamless multi-room, multimedia experience using state-of-the-art technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers including Systemline 7 and Sonos. We can install touch-screen controllers in every room as well as hidden ceiling, wall, floor and outdoor-mounted speakers for the optimum viewing and acoustic experience in every room.

Audio Installation

Whether it’s a one-room installation or a more complex installation covering the entire house or even just the garden, we take care of all your needs:
- We work with industry-leading manufacturers including Sonos and Systemline 7
- We work with legacy and existing sound systems as well as installing brand-new audio systems
- Control panel can be in-built or controlled via your phone, tablet or portable device

What is Sonos?


Founded in 2002, Sonos is an American consumer electronics company that manufacture wireless hi-fi equipment that lets you stream music all over your house through speakers positioned wherever you want them. You can control your music via a Sonos Controller app (Android, iPhone and iPad) as well as using it alongside your existing sound system. In addition, you can dramatically enhance the sound from your television by connecting a PlayBar to your TV via an optical cable. Sonos connects your entire home audio system with ceiling speakers and a strong wi-fi signal.

What is Systemline 7?


Systemline 7 is the best multi-room audio streamer available in the market supporting up to 24 independent music zones throughout your house and garden. The system is installed centrally and controlled with a custom app (iPhone, iPad and Android) through your wi-fi network. It uses a clear, easy-to-use social media and web browsing interface and is packed with features, including giving you access to locally-stored music, streams including Spotify, Deezer, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and TuneIn and it’s open protocol IP means you can use it with 3rd party lighting and control systems. Physical keypads for rooms where tablets aren’t practical are also available.

What is DAB?


DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcasting, (also known as digital radio) is a method of delivering digital sound quality through a network of speakers installed throughout your home. A digital signal offers crystal-clear sound, real-time station information and more stations, including international radio. Broadcasters can now transmit more stations via the same frequency (e.g. Absolute, 70s, 80s, 90s, Rock etc.) and tuning is at the touch of a button. There are currently around 270 stations to choose from across the UK with more being added monthly.

Streaming Music Sites


Music streaming is a way of delivering music on demand without the need to download audio files or software. As long as you have a good broadband or wi-fi connection with the relevant media players installed, you can access your favourite music from thousands of different artists whenever you want to. Music files (in a continuous stream of data, hence ‘streaming’) come straight to your computer or phone and are compressed to use as little bandwidth as possible. The most popular music streaming sites are Spotify, Apple Music, Qobuz, Napster and Deezer and some charge for premium access.

Can I Play Music Outdoors?


The simple answer is yes you can. If you have a pool area or a patio, long gone are the days of extension cords and portable stereos. Today, speakers can be wired into your decking or disguised as rocks, tree stumps or even birdhouses. As long as one device is connected, the music can be streamed wirelessly from your Sonos or Systemline 7 equipment and the output to the outdoor speakers is controlled through the Sonos or Systemline 7 controls.

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