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To function with optimum efficiency and economy, today’s modern homes require innovation, intelligence and control at the touch of a button. At TVAV Installations, our Smart Home integration future-proofs your home and allows you to control your heating, cooling, alarm, lighting, security and even your curtains from wall-mounted control interfaces or via your tablet or phone when you’re on the go. Smart homes are more energy-efficient as they ‘learn’ your lifestyle and save you money.

Smart Home

Smart home integration ensures your home stays future-proof, it allows you to stay in full control and most importantly, it gives you the feeling of being safe.
- Control your heating, cooling, lighting, home security from your phone wherever you are
- Your in-home control panel can be in-built or controlled via your phone, tablet or portable device
- You benefit from increased energy efficiency, saving you money

What is NEST?

Nest Labs was formed by two former Apple engineers and they make a series of programmable, self-learning and sensor-driven thermostats, smoke detectors and cameras, all of which are wi-fi-enabled. The industrial-grade smoke detector lasts up to ten years and sends alerts directly to your phone. The thermostat ‘learns’ how you like to heat and cool your home and looks for shut-off patterns (and alerts your phone or tablet) if issues arise.  The camera with built-in mic streams live images to your phone in 1080p HD as well as allowing you to talk, listen, zoom and turn lights on and off.

What is a Smart Home?

The definition of a ‘smart home’ has changed over the years but the accepted definition is a home that uses hi-tech automation systems for lighting, heating and cooling, security (alarms and cameras), windows and doors as well as a full suite of multimedia functionality for your music, TV, satellite and  online services. All of which have the ability to communicate with one another as well as being able to be controlled both within the home via strategically placed hard-wired touchscreens as well as remotely via your smartphone, tablet or laptop (indeed from anywhere  you have an internet connection).

Controlling Your Home From Your iPad/iPhone Or Android?

Smartphones aren’t simply phones any more. They are computers. There is virtually nothing you can’t do on your Android device, iPhone or iPad that you can’t do on your computer including taking full control of every element of your home. With the right apps (and most are free), you can control your entire home via your Apple or Android phone or tablet, including alarms, day and night lighting including plug-in lamps, appliances like your washing machine, dryer and fridge (as well as monitoring energy usage), door and window locks, interior and exterior motion, cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide levels and even water leaks.

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