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Today’s televisions require careful handling and a more complex set-up and installation process than their predecessors. At TVAV installations, our engineers and technicians deal with all types of TV installation, from a straightforward delivery and set-up to complex, wall-mounted installations of LED, LCD, OLED and curved television sets. We use only market-leading brackets and mountings and we ensure all cabling is hidden from view and we remove and recycle all packaging.

TV Installation

Whether it’s an installation in a single room or a complex installation covering your entire house, we take care of all your needs:
- Multiple TV points, all in High Definition (HD)
- One-touch button control system
- Surround sound and full audio system
- Control panel can be in-built or controlled via your phone, tablet or portable device

Home Hub


The home hub guarantees that all your digital needs are met by making sure that all your connectivity – broadband, TV & satellite, telephone and audio – is kept in one place and it allows you to have whatever you want, wherever you want. For example, if you want your telephone in your bedroom, you simply connect the relevant cable in the patch panel in the home hub and connect the phone to the same-numbered socket in the bedroom. Similar operations are required for all connectivity but for any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fibre IRS


Fibre IRS, also referred to as FIRS, provides fibre-optic broadcast signals from communal antennas to each individual flat in a block (where the cabling is converted to coax which takes the signal around the apartment), allowing each dwelling access to digital satellite TV. It only carries the TV/satellite signal and the benefits include ensuring the signal is multi-room, there is much less cabling, very easy to install, scalable as new technology arrives and there’s a single checkpoint for maintenance.

European Satellites (Non-Sky Channels)


In order to view satellite TV from pan-Europe (excluding all Sky channels such as Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies and Sky Sports), you need a dish aligned to one of a number of European satellites such as Hot Bird at 13°E (c.1,000 channels from eastern Europe, western Europe, Arabia, Russia, Greece), Astra at 19.2°E (channels from western Europe) and TurkSat at 42°E (channels predominantly from Turkey). Please contact us for guidance and advice on non-Sky European satellites.

Digital Freeview


Digital Freeview is a subscription and contract-free, free-to-air digital terrestrial television service. You can view Freeview via a set-top box however the vast majority of new televisions have Freeview built in as standard. There are over 60 channels available, include 12 HD channels and 90% of the top UK channels are available through Freeview. You can also pause, record and rewind live TV with a FreeviewHD recorder. It is available through your aerial so you don’t need a satellite dish installed. With Freeview, you can watch your favourite entertainment, lifestyle, music, film, children’s and news shows as well as listening to almost 30 radio stations as well as all catch-up services.

Sky TV/Freesat


Freesat is a subscription-free satellite service using an existing satellite dish through a set-top box. Some new televisions have Freesat built-in and once you have paid for your box and connected it to a satellite dish, there are no more fees to pay. You can access over 200 television and radio channels including 11 in HD. Sky are the market leader in satellite TV and also provide broadband internet and fixed-line telephone services. Sky TV show the latest movies and live sport and have around 700 TV and radio channels including 80 radio stations, 50 time-shift (+1) channels, 60 HD channels and a 3D channel as well as all catch-up services.



CCTV, or ‘Closed Circuit Television’ refers to cameras mounted strategically around your property whereby the signals are not for public broadcast and the content is limited to those allowed to see it. CCTV is a proven deterrent for burglaries, vandalism and trespassing. CCTV can also be employed inside the property through small, strategically-located cameras. It can be viewed on your mobile phone or tablet and the cameras themselves are available in a variety of sizes and colours to blend in as much as possible with your house style and surroundings. In addition, the higher specification models have night vision capability via built-in infra-red sensors, negating the need for floodlighting.

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